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We Can Do This

Released: (1997)

Track list:

  1. Can't Mix; I Suck... (ft MC YT) 00:37
  2. Chillin' in da Hut (ft Mike E of the Black Jimmies) 02:40
  3. Yes Man (ft Solka & Stylez) 02:54
  4. Ichiyaya (ft Solka) 02:41
  5. Steady Hummin' (ft Solka) 04:09
  6. Police, Eat a Dick. Straight Up. 04:33
  7. Beautiful Music 00:43
  8. Hey, Miss (ft Solka) 04:01
  9. Who's That?!? 00:37
  10. Rollin in the Magnum (ft MC YT) 02:20
  11. Where's My Crack?!? (ft Dave Gee) 00:09
  12. Soldier Story (ft Solka) 03:29
  13. I Be the Man (ft Solka & Jay-Chill) 03:42
  14. How Nice I Am (ft Jay-Chill) 03:40
  15. In the Lab (ft Solka) 02:48
  16. Jimmy's Quest to Find True Love and Happiness (ft MC YT) 00:35
  17. We Can Do this (ft Solka) 04:08
  18. Long Walk Home (ft MC YT) 01:32

Special thanks goes to Solka, Jay, Mike, YT, Stylez, J-Rock, and Dave Gee. Without your voice, this album would just be a collection of bland instrumental beats - and far less memorable. Thanks for the good times!