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Alternate Versions & 4​-​track Demos

Released: (2017)

Track list:

  1. Remenisce (ft. Compound, Inc. - Original Version) 02:51
  2. They Are Not What They Claim to Be (Remix ft. Mac Marz) 03:33
  3. In the Lab Remix (ft. Solka) 03:01
  4. I Be the Man Remix (ft. Solka & Jay-Chill) 03:53
  5. We Can Do This (Return to the Classics Remix ft. Solka) 04:14
  6. Yes Man DEMO (ft. Solka & Stylez) 03:22
  7. Steady Hummin’ DEMO (ft. Solka) 04:21
  8. I Be the Man DEMO (ft. Solka & Jay-Chill) 04:11
  9. Soldier Story DEMO (ft. Solka & J Rock) 03:51
  10. Hey, Miss DEMO (ft. Solka) 05:21
  11. We Can Do This DEMO (ft. Solka) 03:50
  12. Chillin in da Hut LIVE DEMO (ft. Mike E of the Black Jimmies) 02:37
  13. ABC Style LIVE DEMO (ft Jay-Chill) 01:55
  14. Digital Gangstas LIVE DEMO (ft Jay-Chill) 01:57
  15. I Never Thought I’d See the Day (ft Jay-Chill) 02:56
  16. Unknown Artist LIVE DEMO (ft Jay-Chill) 06:07
  17. Shoot Your Eye Out (4-track Demo) (Bonus Track) 04:36

Some Notes about the album:

  • Tracks 1-5 are alternate versions of tracks I made (See Albums: "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" and "We Can Do This")
  • You might notice "Reminisce" has the same beat as "Chillin in Da Hut". At the time I put Reminisce together, I thought Chillin in Da Hut was long gone. Once I found the master to Chillin in Da Hut, I remixed Reminisce and put that version on "Can't Stop, Won't Stop".
  • Tracks 6-11 are the original demo versions of some Solka tracks.
  • Tracks 12-16 are Live Demos. These were done in one take. The Lyrics are live, and the scratching (if any) is live. These were done before I had bought a 4-track.
  • You might also notice ABC Style from Jay Chill is using a sample that was also used in Solka's "Ichiyaya" (See the "We Can Do This" Album), This was a situation where I knew Jay and I would never record ABC Style for real, so I used it in the Solka track.
  • **** Tracks 17-21 are bonus tracks!! They aren't listed here, but you can check them out if you download the full album.. (it's free!!)