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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Released: (2016)

Track list:

  1. Destined for Greatness (ft. Mac Marz) 03:58

  2. Distrakt: Lessons (DJ UnEq Remix) 03:14

  3. Reminisce (Remix) (ft. Compound, Inc.) 03:04

  4. Mac Marz: Maintain (DJ UnEq & Jay-Chill Remix) 03:05

  5. Mac Marz: Commando (DJ UnEq Remix) 03:31

  6. They Are Not What They Claim to Be (ft. Mac Marz) 03:37

  7. Compound Inc: Goin' Crazy (DJ UnEq Remix) 02:44

  8. General Levy: Mad Them (DJ UnEq & White Kid Kyle Remix) 03:47

  9. Lil’ Dub: Celebration (DJ UnEq Remix) 02:07

  10. Blue Foundation: Eyes on Fire (DJ UnEq's Immortal Big Beat Remix) 04:28

  11. Yo, Can Eye Get Dem Digits? 02:53

  12. Doomed 01:22

  13. They Are Not What They Claim to Be (Area 51 Mix) 02:41

Special thanks goes to Mac Marz, Action, Compound Inc, Blue foundation, Distrakt, General Levy, and Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM). Without your voice, this album would just be another collection of bland instrumental beats - and far less memorable. Thank you all for the good times!