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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Released: (2016)

Track list:

  1. Destined for Greatness (ft. Mac Marz) 03:58
  2. Distrakt: Lessons (DJ UnEq Remix) 03:14
  3. Reminisce (Remix) (ft. Compound, Inc.) 03:04
  4. Mac Marz: Maintain (DJ UnEq & Jay-Chill Remix) 03:05
  5. Mac Marz: Commando (DJ UnEq Remix) 03:31
  6. They Are Not What They Claim to Be (ft. Mac Marz) 03:37
  7. Compound Inc: Goin' Crazy (DJ UnEq Remix) 02:44
  8. General Levy: Mad Them (DJ UnEq & White Kid Kyle Remix) 03:47
  9. Lil’ Dub: Celebration (DJ UnEq Remix) 02:07
  10. Blue Foundation: Eyes on Fire (DJ UnEq's Immortal Big Beat Remix) 04:28
  11. Yo, Can Eye Get Dem Digits? 02:53
  12. Doomed 01:22
  13. They Are Not What They Claim to Be (Area 51 Mix) 02:41

Special thanks goes to Mac Marz, Action, Compound Inc, Blue foundation, Distrakt, General Levy, and Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM). Without your voice, this album would just be a collection of bland instrumental beats - and far less memorable. Thanks for the good times!